Awsome Features

Select your own module set


Employers receive important messages from the employer within a few seconds even when they are not at work!


Making surveys and questionnaires has never been easier and more fun. The opinions of employees are important, and JOBka knows it!


Trust-box or inbox of good ideas on mobile phone - favorite employee features.

Recruitment and referrals

The job sharing feature on social networks using the JOBka application will bring you thousands of views of your job advertising.Posteingang (Vertrauen, Ideen)

Modern Onboarding

Giving the same information and printed materials to new employees – no more. Onboarding on mobile is simple with JOBka.

And more

Jobka Club card, Your webApps and more…

Really smart JOBka

JOBka is really smart. Each business can configure its own content. And already existing systems? JOBka can integrate them so that employees have everything in their pocket.

  • Optional module configuration
  • Fully manageable content
  • System integration options

Number of JOBka messages sent from employers to employees

Video description

How does the deployment and login of employees work, how is security ensured, what can the web back office and individual modules of the mobile application do? You can learn this and more in the following video.

Please note: this video shows model content from a sample business. The choice of modules that will your JOBka include is entirely up to you. It is also possible to choose the number of modules, application colors, module names and other parameters.


JOBka will look as you wish.

Prices like coffee

JOBka lump sum will cost you as much as if you and your employees had coffee once a month. For large companies, small coffee is enough, for small businesses at least Latte wants it.


ikona kafe

Monthly for the price of 1 LATTE.

  • To 150 employees


ikona kafe

Monthly for the price of 1 ESPRESSO.

  • 151-500 employees


ikona kafe

Monthly for the price of 1 PICCOLO.

  • 501-2000 employees

For each employee using the JOBka application, you pay a monthly fee of one coffee. Really. Moreover, the more employees, the lower the price per employee. The monthly fee includes all upgrades, cloud server, backup and support.

In addition to the monthly fee, you will initially pay a one-time initial implementation . The one-off price of the initial implementation is subject to a quotation depending on the labor intensity of the required content of the mobile application and the number of modules implemented. Usually, one-time prices of initial installation range from 10,000 - 90,000, - CZK. The price of the implementation also includes the initial import of employees and assistance with the preparation of the application distribution.

1. Download from Google Play or Apple App Store

2. Request a QR code from the company's Human Resources Department

3. Enter your personal number and scan the QR code

4. Enjoy great features in the JOBka app

This section is under construction.

Thanks, your JOBka.

Do we have to install something in the company?

Jobka is a cloud. Safe, backed up, under constant supervision. There is no need to install anything in the corporate infrastructure. People just download the App that the company configures and controls from a web browser and some features directly from the app.

How do these QR codes work?

Back-Office of JOBka ( prepare free QR codes - which are firmly connected with your company - for the imported list of employees. When signing in, the mobile app verifies that the personal number is from your business and verifies the QR code. It also safely logs the employee in. Since then the code is assigned to the employee and can never be used with another number.

Can we try it?

Yes, order a JOBka for 3 months without a commitment and find out during the trial period what JOBka will help you with. Then you decide if you want to continue using JOBka. You do not attach anything to us. The contract may be terminated at any time. 👍

What about GDPR?

JOBka is GDPR valid. We only store the personal information that you want. For its function, JOBka does not need to identify users other than a unique QR code. The contract includes a GDPR clause.

Are you interested in JOBka and do you want to participate in its development or you would apply it to your clients.
Write us. We will make an appointment and discuss the possibilities.

Hi, I'm JOBka and I really want to write to you that I'm not for everyone. I do not like companies that are not interested in the opinions of their employees. I do not like companies who are indifferent to the fact that their people do not have the necessary information for their work and that they are not happy at work. On the contrary, I love to be friends with enthusiastic, progressive companies where they want to go with the times and where they want good relationships. I love companies with good HR. Bye, bye, your JOBka! 😊


A modern way of two-way communication between employees and employers


Getting employees' opinions and evaluating polls has never been easier

Happiness management

Ask, listen, apply changes - employee happiness will increase

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