FAQ - employee

Why should I install a business application on my personal mobile phone?

YoYou don't have to, it's voluntary. However, if you do so, you can get certain benefits. You will get important information in time. You will be able to express your opinion (if you want 100% anonymously) and you will be able to use other functions depending on which modules your company has chosen. An overview of all modules that your company can use (order) can be found here: https://www.jobka.cz/moduly-a-ceny/

I think the employer will track me via GPS location.

The JOBka application meets the strictest standards of the ISO27001, GDPR standards and its data center is located in the infrastructure of Microsoft (Microsoft AZURE service). According to applicable laws and standards, it is not technically possible to track your GPS position without your prior permission or activation. In addition, the JOBka application does not use the GPS position at all.

JOBka wants me to allow camera sharing. I'm afraid the employer will be watching my gallery?

The JOBka application needs a camera function to read the security QR code. In addition, the camera function is used when attaching attachments (photos) to bulletin boards or forms. The application technically does not allow you to monitor the photo gallery of the mobile phone, as follows from the legal requirements and standards ISO27001 and GDPR, which JOBka meets.

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