Do we need to install anything in the company?

Jobka is a cloud. Safe, backed up, under constant supervision. There is no need to install anything in the corporate infrastructure. Employees just download the JOB from the app store or play store. The company then configures and controls JOB from a web browser.

How do QR codes work?

Web Back-Office jobs (app.jobka.cz) will prepare free QR codes for the imported list of employees - which are firmly connected with your company. When logging in, the mobile application will verify whether the personal number is from your company and verify the QR code. It is also safe for employees to log in. Since then, the code has been assigned to employees and can never be used with another number. As soon as the employee ends up at your company, you delete his QR code in the system, which makes his application inactive.

Can we try it?

Yes, contact us, we will give you a preview of the demo version. Then you can try the basic package without obligations. You have nothing to do with us. The contract can be terminated at any time. 👍

What about GDPR?

JOB is GDPR valid. We only store the personal data you want. For its function, JOBka does not need to identify the user other than by a unique QR code. The agreement includes a GDPR clause.

Is JOBka safe?

JOB is a cloud service. Communication between API servers and employees' mobile phones is encrypted according to modern world standards (similar to internet banking systems); Our clients include companies with central IT management in the USA, Germany or India.

What are the capacity requirements of our IT department?

Due to the cloud architecture and the fact that the implementation and support of the system is part of the service, the implementation or operation and maintenance of the application in the vast majority of cases does not require any assistance from the IT department. Especially in the first phase (BASIC or STANDARD + version), when JOBka is not connected to any in-house systems.

How difficult is it to operate and manage JOB?

The control of the mobile application (by end users) and the control of the back-office service web application (HR administrators, managers ....) is intuitive and any support is provided by JOBka via telephone and online support on the support.jobka.cz portal, or directly in the JOBka back-office online help. The need for local enterprise IT support is virtually zero.

How is the implementation?

To implement the LITE, BASIC or STANDARD versions, we only need an excel table with a list of employees (only a column with a personal number is required - optionally you can enter the name and department; if you want to include employees in more departments eg THP and Quality, write individual groups in other columns); in the case of the BASIC and STANDARD versions, in which, in addition to the communication modules, there is also an intranet page, we will need documents (texts, images, links, ...) in word or PDF format. Subsequently, we will produce and hand over the application. You then pass the information on to employees (you also have materials for distribution from us). A more detailed description of the implementation can be found here: www.jobka.cz/en/implementation

Why should we buy JOB, our IT is preparing its own solution.

Of course, the choice is yours, but the advantages of a boxed solution over custom development or custom development are as follows: you do not solve any technical problems internally, we are responsible for them; you don't care about new updates (for new types of phones, operating systems and new functions), JOBka releases updates automatically every 3-4 months; JOBka is inspired by all users, we respond to needs and situations, so you should always add new and new features.

Start your LITE version FREE now.

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