How the implementation is going?

You often ask us how difficult it is to implement an application such as JOBka in a company. We will clearly summarize the implementation procedure in the following steps.

1. Step : Get to know the application

As a first step, we will send you the login details and you will try JOB on your own in your phone.

2. Step : Select modules

Don't worry about the first choice. Simply select the modules you want. Modules can be changed at any time (add, remove or change content). If you are interested in step 1 or 2, our consultant can visit you.

Between points 2 and 3, JOBka is already preparing your application in the background

3. Step : Deliver documents

You will deliver the documents to us in Word format. They can contain texts, graphics, links and even videos. If you do not have the treasures for the modules (eg in the existing documentation, guidelines, presentations, intranet), we can help you with their preparation.

A) Want to send a skeleton of content to each module to know what information to include in each module?
B) Our consultant will visit you and prepare the content with you (additional service)

4. Step : JOBka implements your documents into the application

The implementation of documents will take us (depending on the complexity) from 3 to 20 working days.

5. Step : Deliver the application to the customer

Now you can look forward to your new application. After viewing it, we will make the required adjustments as part of the implementation.

6. Step : Invite employees to sign in

And now comes the most beautiful moment, handing over your brand new application, in corporate colors and with useful and interesting content, to your employees. How does it work?

Choose the method that suits you best:

Method A - QR Payroll Flyers
JOBka back-office ( ) will generate a PDF file with leaflets in A5 format. Each leaflet contains a unique free QR code. You will print the leaflets and attach them to the payslips and distribute them.

Method B - Bulk registration
Invite employees to a meeting room or HR department for a specific hour and have them scan the QR login codes from the computer display.

Method C - Distribute login QR codes through the Head of Department
JOBka back-office ( ) will generate a PDF file with leaflets in A5 format. Each leaflet contains a unique free QR code. Print out the leaflets and give the required number to each head of department.

Registration can also be supported by materials from JOBka: posters, leaflets, roll-ups, graphics for notice boards - we will prepare everything for you. Just let us know.

After Implementation

JOBka works for you. Your employees always have the necessary information at hand and you save your staff time. You can contact JOBka Support at any time as needed at

JOBka performs regular prophylaxis (application debugging, monitoring for possible errors) and automatically works on improvements.

Experience JOBka on your own skin.

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